Magpies’ gorge is a scenic neck of the woods in Rozpucie village

The village is situated in Subcarpathia’s borough, Tyrawa Wołoska ( Przemyśl Foothills)

Magpies’ gorge is an excellent starting point for exploration of popular and interesting localities like Solina, Arłamów, Polańczyk, Sanok or Krasiczyn.

The beauty of the natural landscape, lay of the land, the neighborhood of meadows and forests as well as clean air provide comfort of your leisure.

In the Magpies’ gorge you can find variety of Carpathian wildlife. Squirrels, 20cm long dragonflies, birds of various kind are everyday guests here, and pore mushrooms grow right on the doorstep. In the Autumn, when red deers start their rut, you can watch and listen to an amazing performance created by nature- all this right from your apartment’s balcony. Fishing enthusiasts have two fish ponds at their disposal where they can fish after settling an additional payment.

We provide fully equipped, all-year-round lodges with kitchenettes, bathrooms, television and what is more grills, a fire pit and a play area for children.

Heartily welcome to Magpies’ gorge!
We guarantee the calm and relax.


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